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  • Pogo Javascript/Ajax Toolkit  v.1.0The Pogo Javascript/AJAX toolkit is an object-oriented, module-based, general-purpose, easy-to-use library that aims to help developers easily use javascript to improve the user interface of their websites.
  • Collabs Ajax Toolkit  v.1.0An Ajax toolkit for easy DOM manipulation and event observing ...
  • ASP Ajax  v.2.2INTRODUCING ASP AJAX =================== homepage AJAX is an expectation of modern websites. However many of the world best developers still code in Classic ASP - without the use of heavy web frameworks. ASP-ajax bridges the gap - providing .Net Ajax ...
  • Zero Kelvin Desktop (ZKD)  v.20071012Web-based desktop environment built using the ZK AJAX toolkit. Includes advanced, easy-to-use CRUD tools for customized data ...
  • Lightweight Ajax DevelopmentThe tutorial discusses some of the limitations of the JSP application design and shows how a lightweight Ajax-based solution can help to overcome them. It introduces basic Ajax concepts and a popular Java toolkit called Direct Web Remoting (DWR).
  • Japano Webapplication Toolkit  v.beta4Japano is a java-servlet based webapplication toolkit and engine. It offers easy website logic and HTML form creation and offers integration of dynamic javascript updates ( AJAX). A sample webapp makes it easy to start developing with ...
  • Sprite Web Applicaton Toolkit  v.1.0A java toolkit for creating highly interactive cross browser web servlet applications. Knowledge of JSP, JavaScript, DOM, and HTML is not required because the library dynamically generates and controls client browser specific dhtml-ajax ...
  • Scalable Vector Graphics Widget Toolkit  v.1.0SVGWT (Scalable Vector Graphics Widget Toolkit) is a framework for building advanced web applications for browsers supporting SVG combined with JavaScript, XUL, AJAX and Comet.
  • Php toolkit api  v.1.0The PHP Toolkit API is an object orientated html/java(ajax)/sql wrapping API. The goal for this project is to have a toolkit that helps you to program a website in a similar way you are developing a gui application.
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